Vehicle Security Professional (SDRM)

The NASTF Vehicle Security Professional (VSP) Registry is a service created from the NASTF Secure Data Release Model (SDRM), a project of the NASTF Vehicle Security Team. SDRM is a data exchange system conceived and designed cooperatively by automakers, the independent repair, insurance and law enforcement communities; it allows the aftermarket to access security sensitive information and systems related to automobiles, i.e. key and immobilizer codes, PIN numbers, immobilizer resets, secure vehicle gateways and similar types of information. The NASTF VSP Registry program allows access to security-related information while protecting the safety and security of vehicle owners and the integrity of automobile security systems.

USA and Canadian locksmiths and automotive technicians qualified in vehicle security system repairs can become credentialed by the NASTF VSP Registry in order to purchase security codes and VIN-specific computer files directly from the OEM/automaker. Many OEs and aftermarket tool makers also use VSPID to validate security related operations such as immobilizer resets, gateway access and scan tool purchases to verify that the technician has a trust-based credential prior to accessing vehicle systems. The cost is a non-refundable $100 background investigation and $325 for a 2 year credential. There are 2 different VSP accounts. Primary accounts are the main account type for US members and the only account type for Canadian members. US based primary holders can add W2 employees they directly manage as sub-ordinate accounts $100 non-refundable background investigation and $125 for the 2 year credential. Businesses that have multiple accounts can request a no charge administrative account that can be used to assist with documentation and account management but does not have access to security information. Please check our terms and conditions for more details and complete rules of the program. Most automakers/OEMs make key code and immobilizer information available instantly from their websites 24/7/365.